Welded Wire Under Run

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    Apr 13, 2011
    Cape Cod
    For my new run I'm surrounding the run with 1/2 inch welded
    wire and am extending the mesh down the sides and buried
    for about 14 inches below ground.

    I saw in another post a member had buried wire cloth
    under the dirt floor of the run, covering the entire dirt
    floor with the wire mesh. I thought this was a great idea.
    I'd like to cover (buried) the entire dirt floor with wire mesh... but to use
    the 1/2 inch welded wire would get to be more than I'd like to spend for
    that extra material.

    My question is.... for the wire mesh just under the dirt floor (covering
    the entire run just below the dirt floor).... if I were to use something
    larger than the 1/2 inch... say a wire mesh that is 2 inch squares... or maybe
    1 inch squares... would that prevent any digging predators from gaining
    entry into the run from underneath?
    Thanks for the help and suggestions.

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