Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit! IT HATCHED!

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    Okay, so earlier I posted about breaking an egg (only the shell around the air cell) because I wasn't sure that it was developing. It was very alive, so I wrapped the top in plastic wrap and put it back in the bator! THE CHICK IS NOW HATCHING!! It's beak is through the membrane in the aircell. It has had it's shell open for around a week. however, I wasn't expecting any hatches for another week (guess this one had been under the broody longer than I thought)...The hum's around 30% (yeah, it's really low, I'm working up to 40, but our weather has been so wild) and...sniff...I had to open the bator to collect data on the other eggs. The membrane is clear and thin, but seems to be very close to the chick. I'm worried it may have shrink-wrapped? If it has, what should I do?
    If this chook lives, it's name is Miracle. It's a Cuckoo silkie crossed with a mottled cochin, a black frizzled cochin, or possibly a standard dark brahma. This is a special chickie!
    So cute! Coloration is described later on...pics this weekend!
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    Did I mention it's peeping like the sky's falling? I think it's trying to get the other eggs to hatch early!![​IMG]
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    Apr 8, 2009
    I like your title! Um, You will need to keep the opened egg VERY Moist so it does not shrink wrap on you.

    Read on here to take a Q-tip and wet it to moisten the membrane. Very carefully. I did this and it worked.

    Hope someone comes along with more advice. Sounds like a cool chick!
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    [​IMG] That is awesome!! COngrats! I can't wait to see pics of Miracle! [​IMG]
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    Thank you LUVDUCKS. I will go do that now!
    EDITED: Okay, the membrane is very close to on the chick. It makes a valiant struggle every now and again, but does not seem to be trying to peck the shell. The membrane is clear in most places, and on the places where it is not directly on the chick, it is light. The head is completely free from the membrane, eyes are closed,peeps A LOT. Also, I think Miracle will be very pretty/handsome. The head is light, the body still looks a dark gray.
    I couldn't find the thread on Q-tipping, but I just got a wet Q tip and ran it lightly over the membrane. Is that right?
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    When I had a chick that could not get out because of a dry membrane I used a spray bottle with very warm water I sprayed directly on the egg and it helped. I also had one that we had to carefully pick away the eggshell alittle at a time We kept spraying the membrane as we did this and the little guy broke throught on his own and got out. I am by no means an expert I am just saying what we tried . Hope this helps Micki
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    Quote:I had one that was rocking for a day, (2 days after some of its siblings had hatched) and the hum. was low so I misted it with room temp water. I'm afraid the water was too cool; it didn't rock anymore. I left it for 3 more days; finally opened the remaining eggs today. 4 were quitters maybe halfway along, 2 were very early quitters, 1 was no sign of development at all (maybe one unfertilized one slipped in accidentally?), and 3 had developed right up to hatching stage. [​IMG] I had been told by someone to take out the newly hatched chicks after 2-3 hrs. or however long it took them to dry and get to their feet. Did my opening the 'bator to take them out combined w/ my misting with possibly too cool water cause these other little guys not to get out? [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Quote:Oh, oh, oh. I love that butter my butt quote~~
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    I know absolutely nothing about incubating but opened this just because of the title. Best grin I've had all day. You must have Southern ties (and I'm not originally a Southerner!)
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    From what I have learned, you aren't supposed to open the incubator bc that will mess up the humidity. They can live inside there for a good 48 hrs or so.

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