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back in january I posted on here with three chicks. I was told male, female and female. but the last one made me nervous because i was pretty sure it was rooster. now, several months later the chicks are 6 months old. One is a rooster for sure, one is hen for sure. and then there is Bonnie. the bird I saved from it's too small shell and mothered for 6 months. I kept shaking off the feeling that it was a rooster. I needed it to be hen. I needed it to be. It was the only chick out of my bantam cochin that hatched and survived. It was special to me and I was hoping, praying it to be a girl so I could keep it.

I already have 2 roosters and I can't have another one. I can't afford to feed something that does nothing for me and I can't have this bantam fighting with my full size boys over girls -- especially when I have a 5 year old rooster with spurs that could seriously injure this little bird.

ok. so... I'm a tad bit heartbroken. I don't know what I am gonna do with this bird if it's a boy. It's too small to eat and no one wants roosters around here. I'm in a quite a predicament. I probably should of just let nature takes it course and not helped it out of it's shell. But... there was a chance.

Anyway, the bird looked like this in January. Hatched November 18th.

it looks like this now --

so.... bonnie is a boy, huh?
If I just look at the top photo of the new set, I would lean towards hen...but I'm going to have to say rooster too...I'm seeing saddles in photo #4 of the new batch, and it has red bars on the wing bows...and it looks like hackles.


Maybe if you posted a full profile shot without holding it, making sure the lighting isn't too washed out...it would help see if those are saddle feathers or just extra cushion....but I think I am seeing the saddle drape.

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