Well, here's how it goes...


11 Years
Apr 15, 2008
Somerset, KY
I go let the kids out this morning and for the first time in the last week my Java leaves her nest. She has one lavender Cochin bantam pip and another that apparently she felt the need to help. The shell and outer membrane at the large end was all chipped off but the chick hadn't broke through it's inner membrane with the veins in it and it had dried where it was exposed. So I carefully pick it up and inspect to see if there is movement, breathing, anything that will show life. I thought I heard a little crackly sound when I put it to my ear and so I looked closer and could just barely see that it was breathing in the dried membrane. So I brought it in the house moistened the membrane, wrapped a warm wet paper towel around the exposed part loose enough that the chick could move around, upped the humidity in the bator(bout time for the eggs already in it to go in lockdown anyway) and said a prayer for the little sweetheart. Hope it still has enough strength to break out. I would help it some if it had already broke through the inner membrane(that would have been easy, done that before) but not going to help it any more than I did cause I killed a chick once just tearing a tiny starter piece of the membrane and it bled to death...


9 Years
Jun 15, 2010
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Oh no! Hope everything goes ok for the little one

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