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  1. yesterday was my last day at school, it was great!!!!! i couldn't wait for late july to get my 25 chicks! my dad picked me up from school, and them my day turned. i hadn't told him about the mourning dove chick (reference to closed thread removed by staff) and he wasn't very happy that i hadn't told him, he said "If you can't take care of one chick, you wouldn't be able to take care of 25." that made me ssoooooo angry!!!!!! i wanted to explain to him that i was bot prepared to take care of a prematurly hatched dove chick, plus i have a book on chicken care! (i have the offical book of BYC! Rasinig chickens for dummies!) he said "after you get back from your vaction in Lousiana, we might get a dog" i wanted to scream "I DON'T WANT A DOG!!!! I WANT CHICKENS!!!!!" but i didn't. after he calmed down and i stoped crying, he said that i might get a few chicks. as long as i get some chicks, i'm happy. so, i've been researching the breeds they have at MPC. it could be worse, he could of said that i wasn't going to get any chickens.
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    Let's not go back and revisit a closed thread, okay? [​IMG]

    You just need to prove to your dad that you can be responsible. Make it your project, your mission in life, to show how mature you can be. That may change his attitude about the chicks faster.​
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    Quote:I agree. Maturity is the way to show adults that you're ready for more responsibility.

    Get up early, keep your room clean, have a cheerful attitude about the chores you do have (since chickens would be more chores, you need to show them that you don't mind helping out around the house and yard and that you have a good attitude about hard work), be honest with your parents and don't let friends lead you into doing anything that would make your parents ashamed of you. You'll feel better about yourself and life in general if you do these things, too, because it will reduce the stress and worry in your life.

    Good luck and here's to a productive summer full of personal growth and learning! [​IMG]
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    Do what I did. Have a good attitude, plan for any problems, do all your chores, and do all the research you can. He'll come around eventually. [​IMG]

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