Well I guess they don't discriminate anymore..

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9 Years
Nov 8, 2010
North Edwards
When I try to find it the page says "bad request. link incorrect or outdated"

My thread is gone.

There was no argueing on it or anything bad.. What happened? I haven't gotten a message either.

Mods move this if it's in the wrong place.
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hey moochie did you look in YOUR post section? Ill help you hunt for it-what was the topic?
nope, it's gone. not sure why though? Would have thought maybe it was moved to a different section?

Though, it's possible it was an accident. I've been a Mod on several different forums and there has been more than a couple times that I deleted a post I meant to move or gave someone a TimeOut when I meant to do something else. It happens. Good luck with your letter writing though!
Eh it's all good.
I thought I was in trouble on here though. I checked my posts and it's not there.
Yeah sometimes the Mods on social forums will just remove it period without explanation, just because they personaly don't like the topic or the subject or the content. They are just human after all and with all that power and control at their fingertips, sometimes they just can't control themselfs and set their own agenda's. It is the way of the world, perhaps you could find it or ask a mod what they did with it and why, although they really don't have to give you an answer if they don't want to.
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