Well, I hope I did the right thing...

Several people are going to disagree with your decision but its ok. You are acting out of love and she'll learn of life and death soon enough.
Wow, what a great thing to do. To go to such great lengths to find a replacement is just awesome. I hope this new chick does well for you and your daughter's sake.
IMHO you did the right thing and it is exactly what I would have done.
You are just being a good dad and protecting your children from heartache. Hope it doesn't happen again soon...
My kids are use to the fact that everything that lives die and this is with chicks too.
Some will get strong and old and some will be weak.
this is the first time for your family and some time parents think that kids can't handle such a thing but they can as long as you explain the circle of life cycle.
I'm happy you found a new buff to replace it but keep in mind that if one of them get sick or die again you have to keep running.
If i where you i would begin to talk about the circle of life. every thing included chicks live and die.
and ask them what they think it means.
My kids and I believe that there is a place for chickens in heaven too. God creates them and loves them too. And sometimes he wants them sooner then later with him because they are so cute.
When a chick or any other animal we have die we pray for the animal being taken good care for and that they rest in peace.
We were happy they were with us even for a little bit. We are blessed with our chickens.
I think that if you haven't prepared your kids for the fact that chickens and other small animals are more fragile than humans etc than you did the right thing, especially if your daughter is of the more sensitive sort. (Goodness knows mine is.) However, you have had your wake up call now, and you can't spend the rest of your days running around finding replacement chickens. These chickens will grown and become distinctly different from other chickens in the world, or next time she'll stroke it and notice it's not just sleeping.

You should start subtly preparing them for the fact that chickens do die much more quickly than humans, and distiquishing the difference between humans and chickens life spans. I've been there when a child that age starts to think "If Goldie dies as a baby then maybe a kid can die too for no reason?" etc. Talk about handling them carefully, predators, and sudden unknown deaths. Use what you are reading on here for examples if you need too.

Good Luck! You are a great and loving Dad.


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