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    Dec 2, 2008
    Ok well i have had this bottled up inside for a long time now because my family and friends really dont understand my feelings on this or anything....

    Ill start at the begining of the story pretty much

    I have always really wanted a dachshund and so i started looking to buy one at the end of june last year...i spent about a month and a half looking for one. I wanted a female longhair red dachshund. I thought they were just sooo pretty. i found a few places that had nice puppies but none of them had puppies that i really wanted...so i was starting to think i would never find the "right" puppy when i see an add in the dollar adds paper for black and tan smooth hair dachshund puppies, in the back of my mind i didnt think i would take one home but i figured i would go and check them out. i get to the house and the lady only has one puppy left and its a tiny 8 and a half week old female black and tan smooth hair dachshund and the moment i see her i know she is the perfect dog for me. I didnt even have to consider the thought of buying her. I picked her up and gave the lady my money and held the little puppy like she was the most valuable thing in the world. She was not a registered puppy but she was a pure bred, so she was only about $100. I brought her home and she was just the sweetest little dog in the world. I ended up naming her Lacey because it just seemed to fit her so well. I loved Lacey soooooooo much. She was like my shadow when i was home. She would follow me everywhere and always try to be with me no matter what. I loved taking her to pet supplies and buying her new collars and toys. She would always sit on my lap while i drove anywhere (i always took her with me if i could). After i had a bad day or something i could always expect Lacey to cheer me up with her silly little attitude. She was honestly the best dog i have ever had. I loved her with all my heart.

    this is lacey!! My little Princess

    then on Feb. 27 my family and i were eating our dinner in the motor home (we were really excited about getting one so we wanted to eat in it for the first time) and lacey was in there with us and i was holding her and just happy pretty much. After we were done eating i made lacey go outside so she wouldnt go potty in the motor home. I ended up going in the house after about 30 mins and everybodyy else stayed in the motor home. After i had been in the house for about 10 mins my older sister came home but didnt come in the house and i didnt think anything weird till my dad came in alone and just kinda stopped in the doorway and asked me if i had lacey with me. I said no she is outside. he looked at me then looked away, his facial expression gave away what he was feeling and instantly i knew why he had asked. all i said was "shes dead isnt she." i dont think it really hit me till i went outside and i saw my sister and mom get out of my sisters car (they had gone down to the road to get laceys body). As soon as i saw that i pretty much started crying and screaming "why!" i ran up to my room and just cried and screamed for while...not sure how long...after i had stopped tho i was talking to my mom and i told her i didnt want another dog for a while...well that monday my dad picked me up from school and told me he was getting something for me and he wouldnt tell me what it was. i had no idea what it was he was going to get me. I was still grieving over lacey (just thinking about her still makes me cry and just feel so terrible). well my dad was taking me to pick out another dachshund and i didnt find out till we were in the house of the breeder and puppies were jumping all over me. (btw im the type of person that animals make me happiest) so my dad pretty much told me pick one out (there were about 10 puppies) so after about an hour of looking at them and playing with them i pick one out, a little boy that i later on call Luke. he was $300 and registered and all that stuff. but on the way home with Luke in my arms it didnt feel right. it didnt feel like when i brought home lacey. It felt wrong. Then a feeling of saddness just overcame me. i realized my mistake at getting him and talked to my mom about it and asked if we could take him back to the breeders because i was not ready for another dog so soon after my Lacey had died. She got mad and told me that my dad had found that place and gotten luke for me as a gift to try and make it better and it would hurt his feelings if i took luke back. after that conversaion i didnt bring it up again and i just kinda lived with Luke being there. Now 3 months later here i am with Luke and i can honestly say i really dont like him. I dont want him around me, i dont ever play with him, i wont take care of him, and i think i hate him. Hes not a bad dog though, he is very sweet and playful. My little sister has pretty much taken over responsibility of him and i could honestly say that im glad i dont have to take care of him...i also feel like i have betrayed Lacey by having another dog.

    this is luke


    i dont know what to do about it because i dont think my family understands or even cares about how much Laceys death hurt me. They thought another puppy would make it better and if anything it made it worse. I feel like im being a jerk by not being nice to Luke, its not his fault or anything, but i just cant look at him with out feeling sad and angry.

    what would you do if you were in my shoes. I dont wanna hurt my dads feelings by getting rid of him but my own heart hurts everyday because of this.
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    [​IMG] Sorry about Lacey. That's a lot of hurt for you to bear.

    I think Luke looks like a sweetie. Glad your sis can give him what he needs. Pretend he's her dog and be courteous to him. He's a victim here, too.

    Your parents don't understand; isn't that normal? Your dad wanted to make things better, no malice intended. Try to patient with your family.

    I believe you'll see Lacey again someday. I don't think she'd mind you loving Luke. Good dogs are just that way about love [​IMG]
  3. Agree, sounds to me like Luke is your sister's dog... so let him be.

    We've got two B&T doxie girls ourselves and there's no way I could just go out and get another one... my mom can, and has, when hers died... but it's just not the same dog... your bud is more than the color of her coat you know? Just between our three dogs (and just between the 2 doxies) there are HUGE differences in their behavior, attitude, whole enchilada... but for some, a dog is a dog is a dog. I don't lecture my mom and she doesn't lecture me... works well for us... hopefully you can find a similar balance.
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    I am the kind of person, when I lose a pet, I need another one right away. It doesn't replace the lost pet, it starts a new relationship with another animal that needs a person. Luke is absolutely adorable. However, you feel the way you feel, so I am glad that your sister has adopted him. He is precious. After I lost my Bella, my gorgeous loving long haired cat, Trouble walked into my life. I HATED that cat on sight. HATED HIM. Unfortunately, he fell in love with me and followed me everywhere. Now? It's not even been a year, and I love that cat. He brought healing to me through his unconditional love.

    Maybe give Luke a chance to show you that you CAN love more than one animal. And you can.....
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    Quote:ya i know, i WANTED red longhair but i went with the dog that took my heart away when i saw her and she was black and tan...i didnt mind one bit cause i loved her...and luke is pretty much my sisters dog and it will probably stay like that to...
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    Nov 25, 2008
    I can understand how you feel. We had the best dog in the world, along with two other dogs. The only thing wrong with the best dog in the world was that he would run off, and not come back when he was called. Well one day he ran off and got hit and killed. I resented the other two dogs for months. I was so upset that my buddy got killed and not one of the other ones. Anyway, I got over it and now I love them just as much. I'm not saying it's right or wrong, but we can't control how we greive (sp?). It will get easier, with time. I'm sorry about Lacey. [​IMG]
  7. The longhairs are cute, but the shorthairs are a LOT less work.

    Though, Janeyre has this licking THING... so she gets hairballs, and carpetballs, and recliner fabricballs, and couchfabric balls... [​IMG]

    Matilda is known as Manic Mattie... no surprise given she's Terrier Chihuahua. The vet calls her The Dingo Dog, my BIL calls her a toy jackal.

    Janeyre is known as Jealous Janie... middle child syndrome BAD...

    Lilly is known as Lovey Lilly... typical youngest, sweetie pie, can't jump must be lifted... etc.

    Matt we purposely adopted from the pound... then Jane was a "gift" for Mom's day from my mom... she was set to go to Vegas and had one puppy left... TADAA happy Mom's Day... then one year later the SAME situation again, so it was TADAA Happy Mom's Day to my sister... but within two weeks they had to move so it was Happy Belated Mom's Day to me... *sigh* but darned if I could get rid of any one of them if I wanted too... I am sucker, hear me roar... but on a good note, Matt is an excellent ratter while Jane and Lil can tag team and kill a possum like no tomorrow... so I reckon they earn their keep.
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    I was just outside spending time with Trouble, and I told him about this post. He didn't answer - I am still waiting for that rare occurence. But I have to encourage you to open your heart to another animal, especially one as freakin cute as Luke. Send him to me. That face is just toooooooo danged cute!!!
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    Dec 2, 2008
    Quote:i will admit he is pretty cute...he always looks at me like that to (the way he is in the picture)...it almost melts my heart...
  10. debilorrah

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    duck&chickencrazy :

    Quote:i will admit he is pretty cute...he always looks at me like that to (the way he is in the picture)...it almost melts my heart...

    My question is, as an animal lover, you can you resist that face??? I know he isn't Lacey, and he knows he isn't too. But he is a NEW heart that needs a person. Trouble pestered me to DEATH. Now he is my new love. Bella was fat and furry and striped. Trouble is black and skinny - REALLY skinny. And he is a LOVE. I am so glad that I let him into my heart after Bella passed. And it was hard, but that danged cat grew on me.​
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