Well I sold borrowed time:)

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    Dec 16, 2008
    that was my rooster he was a beautifull Mixed EE and gernerally nice except for that one time when I reached in to pick up one of his girls to count her toes. That was not a good day for either of us lol. But other than that he had served me well and his ladies fathering many chicks but alas he was not what i wanted to breed with so he had to go. Ultimately I knew worse case senerio he would end in the stew pot but he is just so handsome I tried one last time on Craigs list now that the winter weather is finally breaking.

    I threw a price tag of $10 on him far less than what he cost me in the long run but hey he is a Roo and I live in NY so its hard to re-home one.

    I Got a buyer and dropped him off in NJ today! [​IMG]

    He will have 9 ladies and then more maybe (if they get some hens from me later [​IMG] ) And a great life where he can crow all day long out in the open. (he had spent the last 5 months in my garage coop [​IMG]

    So I am so happy I had to post this I am happy for him, and myself and well I wish him the best. His new owners are super nice and he will get to live out his whole life doing what he does best, strut and eat and poo [​IMG]

    Here is a pic of him from a few months ago, he is even nicer now. He is just about a year old now, maybe 11 months.

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    Jun 18, 2008
    oooo my EE rooster looks kinda like that but with a pea comb. very nice [​IMG]
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    Ouch, I know what you mean. We're also having a bit of a roo problem right now and no one would really want any of them except to become a meal. Just too many roos. [​IMG] Glad you found a good home for him, though. We have a neighbor down the road from us who will almost constantly ask if we have any boys we can sell him... [​IMG] So upsetting, people these days!

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