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    Went on a supply run to TSC and of course you can hear the peeps as soon as you walk in. Did a drive-by and husband lost his mind on one bin being super cheap. I said yeah... for boys. But then I started looking and spied a couple girls. I explained the white dot on the head and so on and so forth. He seriously grabbed an employee and pointed out 6 to get. Used to be he would talk ME out of it!

    He was my rock! He would let logic and reason rule!

    It seems that he's now as bad as I am. It's not like we don't have 30 more coming in the mail here in 10 days or so. We're about to have 71 chickens! LOL We're building 4 brooders, housing is not a concern at this point. More the feed bill than anything since nothing is of age to be producing anything besides the 2 oldest hens and the Turkeys.

    Speaking of which, I need to plug in the incubator for those turkey eggs that started coming.

    I had to give him bad news, but he failed to listen to all I had to say on the markdown bin. He stopped listening after I said "Those black ones with the white dots on their head are male"... but not every black chick in there is the same breed... so of the 6 he picked, 3 look female and 3 look male, looks like 2 different types. But for $3 total... not bad. We can deal with roosters now that we're out of the city.

    He's cracking me up though, he's really jumped on board with this, and now I have to rein him in! Just need to teach him all I know on sexing chicks so that he can shop better.
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    That is funny, we started with eight and now we are at 29. This is very addictive!
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    Lol that is funny. I started with 6, now have 30 and peacocks [​IMG] My husband is not near as enthusiastic but he puts up with my birds quite well
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    Further proof that chicken math is contagious!
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