Well, it is official


12 Years
Oct 1, 2007
Ophir, CA
My divorce was final last September, after 3 years of being separated, but his stupid lawyer never filed the final judgement. I finally got it today and finally, legally have my name back. I am so relieved that this total nightmare if finally, completely over.
My mom's going through a divorce (her fourth) and all I can hope is that this one isn't as bad as the last... that one left her with a mountain of debt, horrible credit, and her car was repo'd since jerk didn't make the (court ordered) payments. Gah! She was SO relieved when it was finally over and she could start rebuilding.

Best Best Best of luck! You had a tough row to hoe, but now you've got the roto-tiller.
LOL, well the only thing I got out of this miserable marriage was the knowledge that I can survive anything (cancer and a husband trying to kill me emotionally and spiritually) and a shotgun
. The shotgun definitely made it worthwhile LOL
I am just lucky he didn't get anything from me. As long as I didn't have to pay alimony or continue paying medical dental and vision for him and his two kids, I was very, very happy.
Honestly, I am very content being alone. We separated almost 4 years ago and I have no desire to marry again or even date. I have a very good friend who is a guy... we have been friends for 11 years, so companionship is taken care of. I just don't ever see me going down that trail again...

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