well my one chick didnt hatch

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by orlandoluv1, Apr 3, 2008.

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    First of all :aww So sorry you lost a baby.


    Don't give up. I used to have a black thumb and couldn't keep houseplants alive, but now I've gotten the hang of it and can give starts to friends. Same way with gardening. This is really no different, nurturing living things. It's just that these living things are cute and fuzzy. If losing them didn't hurt then you'd have no business owning pets in the first place!

    I have a good bator (I think) but am a newbie.
    I set 44 eggs and have 11 chicks from them. Could've had 13, but one had a defect and had to be put down, and a little banty chick pip, unzip 1/3 of the egg, and then die.
    I've cried over these babies. That's natural, too.

    There are still eggs left that may have life in them (2 that I candled definitely have someone in there, pulsing).

    I'm going to study on what I did wrong (temp issues, humidity). Later on I'm going to clean the bator out thoroughly, probably on Monday, and then make sure all the moving parts look like they are in good condition. And then I'm going to set it up again for another set of eggs at the end of April.

    These are living critters and there will ALWAYS be some losses. But overall, this has been an AWESOME experience!
  2. Orlando I'm sorry believe me I know what's it's like to lose a whole hatch on the last day and just last week. I think when it especially your first. Don't give up this is part a learning experience, luck and skill. I alos am buying a better bator. I have a lg and it's not that it's a bad incubator, I need a foolproof one that doesnot require alot of attention.
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    Quote:thank you every one. now that ive slept i feel alittle better. it was weird though becsue i woke up and the first thing i tried to do was go look at the incubator. i guess old habits die hard lol. well i think i do want to try again. and Miss P this has definately been a learning experience for me. i learned so much for everybody here that i know with a better bator i am going to have a great hatch!

    hypno congrats on the movie. love it !!!!! so well just have to wait for the next batch but i am totally naming the very first one "killer" in your honor lol! thanks so much guys you are all great. its amazing how becasue i know you know what im going through your words mean so much more to me then my husbands "things happen, what are you gonna do?"
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    That is so nice of you. Thank you. I just set some Barred rock eggs last night and be ready for nervousness up the wazoo. I really do hope your next batch will be much better.

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