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Jul 20, 2019
So, my sweet baby Derrick is now 4.5 months old. He finished molting about 3 weeks ago and still no sign of a curly tail feather. Even before the molt, the tail feather was a wavy one at best. He has every quack known to man so I haven't been able to tell if he is a he or she! (I'll try to post video later today)
I'm now about 99% sure my handsome young fellow is actually a very pretty young lady. She's not laying but she is showing signs of going broody...I think. Typically, Derrick is very skittish when it comes to petting. I can hold her and she loves to sit on my lap as long as I'm not trying to pet her. For the last two weeks, when I go near her to feed or play, she flattens out and squats down and allows me to pet her across the back. This brings cute little butt wags and a quack that almost sounds like laughter!
My question:
Is she going broody or just in need of some serious ducky lovin??? Should I change her feed to help with laying? She is an only duck and lives inside.
Derrick is def female. And she is def wanting some loving. Are you planning on adding more ducks? What are you feeding her now? you can feed an all flock and offer oyster shell on the side or wait till first egg and start her on layer but I'd still offer OYS on the side so if she needs extra she'll have it. They use a lot of calcium to produce those egg shells.
She's getting all flock right now. I put layer down in the yard when she's out swimming. It seems to help encourage foraging.
The Warden (my husband) finally agreed to let me add more ducks but only if I promise to keep all outside...including Derrick. I'm a little concerned in doing that as she has been an inside duck her whole life.
:eek: how beautiful!! Any drake would be happy to give her the lovin' she's seeking! Definitely find her a mate, it's really sweet to see the love between the romeos and juliets:love

Also don't worry about transitioning outside, as long as they've got a safe enclosure they will be totally fine!

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