Well, possible frost Sunday morning!!! And some unrelated ramblings!!

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  1. I knew it was going to happen, but just not ready for it. Persimmons around here are full of spoons, old timers are predicting we will have snow on the ground before the leaves are off the trees (although when I was a kid and there would be trees late late in the fall with leaves on them, mom and dad would say that was a sign of a bad winter) . . .sort of dread it. We had icky weather (and you can ask anyone who lives in this part of Illinois) from right after Thanksgiving last year all the way thru 2011, until the last few weeks when its just been wonderful most days . . .also have seen LOTS and LOTS of black willy worms, and that is another sign . . .I am not a cold weather person, and just sort of dread it.

    BUT, then on the flip side I am serious about giving up Real Estate at the end of this year, DH is not as perky as he has been, and I feel like God is telling me its time to stay home and focus on him more. Our dues are up to $37 a month, had been $30, and our division honestly does nothing for us "po-dunk agents out in the rural areas, plus in Dec. I have to cough up another $463 for yearly dues . . .have been giving it a lot of thought and prayer and I think its time to hang up the sign, so to speak. I will actually probably save money, because I think foreclosures are going to be our driving force in RE in the midwest next year . . .I didn't do too bad for someone who does not beat the bushes, sold right at a half a million, and the year isn't over yet, but nothing in sight and no one wants my listings I have it seems. Sellers are very understanding, because they know the market is slowing down so I don't think any of them will be too distressed when I decide to leave. AND, giving up RE means more time to cook and clean and do the things I REALLY love.

    Including my Alpacas!!! [​IMG]
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    I noticed the same things.. I noticed all of a sudden that ....it's fall, when did that happen! Fall has come in fast within just a week here in lower MI.

    I hope we had a winter like the year before last. First snow fell November 15th (opening day deer season - was perfect!!!) and we had snow on the ground through March. Usually we have alot of cold, but not so much of the snow lately. If it's gotta be cold, I want snow!!
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    Greetings from up north of you. Same thing happening here. We had this “cyclone” that has been drowning us in rain for the past 5 days and is finally moving off. Supposed to have frost tonight and throughout the weekend. Icky. Many mostly black Whooly worms here too. We are stocking up extra on firewood and hay just to be safe.

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