Well that was weird...


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May 15, 2009
Northern Kentucky
Several days ago I posted about my silkie that had gotten attacked by a dog. She wasn't injured, but I brought her in the house since she was missing feathers. Stayed in for 4 days, all was well I put her back outside. Then it got cold and she was nearly frozen to death so back inside she came. So she has been back inside for 4-5 days. All has been well - she has been eating, drinking, and being totally normal.

Well she stunk. Really stunk. Chickens aren't supposed to smell like that. The feathers on her back were matted together from poo from the other chickens who pooed on her when she was laying on the floor of the coop. I let it go because I didn't want to stress her out. Well after being in the house and being totally FINE - I decided tonight that she needed a bath. The poo needed to go. She seemed to be enjoying the bath. Wasn't struggling - it was almost like she was saying about time! Then all of the sudden she started gasping, went into seizures, and died.



Too much stress? Seizures? Heart Attack?

The whole thing was over in like 30 seconds. But it seemed like forever. This silkie was half the size of her sister. Maybe there was something wrong with her to begin with....

I'm sad. But you know - I didn't do anything wrong. I guess I shouldn't have given her a bath, but I imagine that if it didn't happen now, it would have happened eventually. At least this way she died in the warmth of the house and with us instead of outside alone or in the mud.

Just glad my kids weren't here to witness that.

So anyway - just wanted to share the weirdness.


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Feb 24, 2009
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OH, so sorry to hear that. Chickens do have heart attacks, so that very well may be what happened. Especially if she was smallish...maybe her heart was bad all along....You can tell that she was enjoying the bath, so don't you blame yourself. I'd have washed her too.



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May 8, 2010
that sucks

i had a silkie that got attacked by dog and the dog had punctured her neck and she couldnt breathe then she had a seizure then she died


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Jan 25, 2011
Plant City, FL
probably stress. I bath my show birds and you have to be really careful they dont take gulps of the soapy water in the tub-becasue you dont really WASH them you Soak them. Sorry for your loss but I dare say she had internal injuries and all that moving in and out of the house (chickens do stress) and bathing did her in. Sorry for your loss.

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