well there outside and there is atleast 1BR male


11 Years
Aug 4, 2008
yes i put them in the coop last night. they are 3 and a half weeks know. here they are enjoy there new home.


The outside still needs to be finished but this is the inside. this is the pallet coop we have been working on. We had planed on no plywood but the only suppler of pallets had given all there's away errr and we need more to give it the siding look we were doing.
Anyway this is the BR male if he is not a he i will be surprised he is only 3 and a half weeks old. He is one of the tamest ones so im hopeful he will make a good roo the only thing im surprised about he had a very small spot on his head so i figured he was a she.

That looks like my BR that I believe is a male. His comb is almost twice the size of my other BR's and is bright red. He is also more pronounced in the black and white colors than the others.
I love my two little BR's (Dot and Dash named for their markings.) What are the little white babies?(I'm learning)

I'm amazed to see them roosting. Mine are now 4 1/2 weeks old and still not flying up to their roosting bar.
Chicabee19 yes there flying and jumping all over the place.
kdcrws the white ones are white rocks and a few white giants. The roost i made is a ladder style design i took 2 pieces of pallet wood and 2 1x1s i think that what its called and nailed it together the walk up the side pieces to get to the top they cant fly very high yet try to put something 2 feet or less up

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