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    I got my new pair of Bantam Cochins yesterday. They are around a year old.

    I noticed that they are slightly weezy and make like a coughing noise. They have normal poops, they are eating and drinking normally.

    Now a bit about where I'm keeping them.. They are in a small (12 x 6 feet) shed in my backyard. Its insulated, no drafts and its weather proof. They have straw for bedding. It was just cleaned out, so its a nice thick, fresh layer of straw.

    They are eating layer mash, chick starter and a bit of scratch. They always have fresh water.

    I live in southern ontario, so the temps. are quite cold. Almost always below freezing.

    I did just get them yesterday. Could they have a cold or something ?$

    There is no nasal or eye discharge either...
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    I would keep them in quarantine, but contact the former owners and ask about flock health, especially regarding any "colds" the flock may have had in the past. Respiratory illness is such a huge deal that I would be reluctant to endanger my flock for a couple of new birds that I had no ties to. "Slightly wheezy" and "coughing noise" screams respiratory illness to me. I'd proceed with caution regarding these birds. I don't know that I would keep them at all. I have a very strict policy around my place, though. Anything problem even remotely respiratory related gets quarantined immediately. I have never had anything prove to be more than a sniffle from using too much DE, but if something should prove to be more than that, the ill bird would be culled immediately and sent for necropsy post haste.

    You need to decide if these birds are ill or not. If you have any doubt whatsoever then the birds would be returned to their source. Make sure you use good hygiene to prevent any cross-contamination to your current flock. Do remember that several respiratory illnesses may be treated, but leave the afflicted birds carriers for life.

    Good luck.
  4. Jacklynn

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    They are currently in a shed, which is away from my flock.

    They came from a breeder out of province, so I can't return them. I'm going to message the former owner.
  5. Jacklynn

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    I went out today to watch them.
    They aren't coughing, it's right after they drink, they make a wheezing noise.
    It's been really cold out & they have been in a dog crate in the back of a van for two days, before I got them. The man I got them from had quite the drive here.

    Any suggestions as to what this could be ?
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    I'm no expert, but could their drinking water be too cold? Maybe it's causing a little spasm when they drink like something really cold can do to us Peep-le. You could try warming it and see if they still cough afterward. Also, ask the breeder if he/she used heated waterers in winter. If so, these two may not be used to really cold water.
  7. Jacklynn

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    Alright thanks ! Tomorrow I'll give them warm water ! Hopefully that will fix the problem !

    There are no other symptoms, which really boggled my mind ! I'll send him a message & ask about the heated dish !

    Thank you ! [​IMG]
  8. spiritdance

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    Dec 13, 2010
    Be sure to let us know if it helps. If not, I hope you figure it out soon. It's tough to know they're not feeling well and not know what to do, isn't it?
  9. Jacklynn

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    Quote:It is [​IMG] I feel bad for them. I really hope it's just the water, that's an easy fix. [​IMG]
  10. spiritdance

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    Dec 13, 2010
    I think I'd still keep them quarantined even if that works, just to be sure. But then I'm sure you thought about that already.

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