Well uh, hi there c:


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I joined a while back but I think only posted once to reply to something, I realised I haven't actually introduced myself here!
I've kept chickens for a while (giving the land a rest now) and looking to get some more soon.
I'm from the United Kingdom which seems like a rarity on here (have yet to see another English user) haha, but anyways I look forward to meeting you guys and making friends with other chicken lovers c:
Oh and here's a picture of my now gone Amber Star gal, May.
My favourite lil chook, little attention seeker she was.

Visit me on other sites maybe?:

thought it might be a nice idea to write out things
I enjoy doing
other than chicken keeping too :3

main interests:

- cooking
- drawing
- gaming (skyrim, age of empires and the like)
- the internet * u *

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you deserve a proper
. BYC has a huge membership from around the world - MANY members from UK, Australia, New Zealand etc. etc. You should go to "where am I, where are you," and look for a UK thread. In fact if you lurk on this new members thread - you will see people saying they are from UK.


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My Coop
from New Mexico!

So glad you joined and decided to introduce yourself. :) Yes, there are lots of folks from the UK and other parts of the world on here. One big happy family!

Enjoy BYC!

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