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Oct 15, 2018
I would really like to get a few chickens but have come across conflicting answers. I live in Lakeside Shores off of Forest Hill Blvd. if there is anyone in the area that knows the answer to this question please let me know.
If you contact your local planning commission they would know what your laws and ordinances are in your area. Ask what they are and if need permit or application to own fowl. They would know!:)
Thank you Melky I have tried that but felt like the person I asked did not know the true answer maybe I will have to call back again
My wife really wants chickens and we live in the same area. I scoured the codes for an answer and I cant find one. I called code enforcement and they said you cant have them in residential zoned areas other that some places in sugar pond manor. The person referenced:

Sec. 38-66. - Animals.

No person shall molest, harm, frighten, kill, net, trap, snare, hunt, chase, shoot or throw or propel, by any means, missiles at any wildlife creature, be it animal, bird or reptile roaming free about a park or in captivity in a zoo cage, nor shall any person remove or possess the young of any wild animal, or the nest or eggs of any reptile or bird, or collect, remove, possess, give away, sell or offer to sell, buy or offer to buy, or accept as a gift any specimen, dead or alive, of any of the group of tree snails.
But this section is very unclear but says nothing at about backyard chickens. it is talking about wild animals. The man on the phone said that it would be interpreted to mean that you cant have backyard chickens.

Further research lead me to a table about zoning useage. Table 6.4.1 found here:

Most areas other than agricultural zoned areas are marked with a "C" for Conditional use.

Definition from sec 6.4.2
Conditional use. Uses identified in a particular district column with a "C" are "conditional uses" and shall be permitted in such district only if they are approved by the Village Council in accordance with the procedures and standards of Section 5.4.4 (Conditional uses), subject to such supplementary use standards as may be indicated in the "Note" column, and the other standards of this Code. Prior to receipt of a Certificate of Occupancy, all required permits from affected regulatory agencies must be obtained and the use must operate in accordance with those permits.

So it sounds like I need permission from my village council according to section 5.4.4. sure, but there is no published 5.4.4! It ends at sec.

Ill leave an update if we are able to figure out approval.

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