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5 Years
Oct 15, 2014
Lyndon, Kansas
We ordered some chickens from welp hatchery to be delivered on july 13th but when my husband went into our bank acct to check our balance he found they had taken out the payment early. We got no phone call or emails on the matter of why the payment was taken out early because when you go to their website and look up the payment options it says the payment will be taken out the friday before they are shipped. Just kinda wondering if anyone else has had this problem because we were planning on calling monday to cancel the order due to the fact we found a breeder locally.
Have not checked mine to see if they did,mine are due to ship the end of this month. Only ones who have the combination of chicks I wanted so if they took it now or later did not matter to me as long as I get what I ordered.
no call no email
They came in
so far the mix white egg layers I have IDed

golden Lakenvelder almost 100% sure on these
Ancona ?
California Gray ?

might not know them all till they feather in
Not sure what that all grey chick is
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