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  1. Think there is any real difference between the stock at mcmurray and the stock at Welp?
    They both claim they have the best of course but mcmurray says they have jumbo cornish crosses and welp says cornish crosses but their strain continues to amaze their customers, well of course.
    Is there really a jumbo and then just a cornish x rock or is it a marketing term?
    So, just wondering, Welp has a better price but don't know if the strain is better or are they all getting their stock from the same place?
    I was told mm does not breed their own chickens so maybe Welp doesn't either.
    I have an order from Meyer right now but plan on ordering one more batch before the weather gets bad.
    Just wondering who has experiene with them or if anyone has ordered from both and can compare.

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    May 29, 2009
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    I have had better luck with Welp. They seem to be more vigorous than the ones from MM. I ordered two batches from MM this year and one from Welp. Growth at 8 weeks was more favorable for the Welp birds than MM. They also seemed more aggressive compared to MM. Also did not lose any young birds like I did with MM.
    Here is a break down:

    Lost 6 out of 26 in the first week from MM.

    Lost 4 out of 26 in the first week and one at 4 weeks from MM.

    Lost one on delivery, and two at 6 weeks out of 37 from Welp.

    Might be a fluke but I will be ordering from Welp again.

    Just my $.02

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