Welsh Harlequin hatching eggs


9 Years
Jun 28, 2010
NO SHIPPING. I don't know how to pack them for shipment and I wouldn't want my inexperience messing up the viability of your eggs.
Pickup would be in Brooklyn, MI. I can possibly drive to meet, for price of gas.

I currently have 4 gold hens and a silver drake. I do not show, I'm more concerned with production. Three of the hens and the drake are from Metzer's waterfowl and are good quality, though. One of the hens was from a different breeder upstate and she's not quite as nice. They all lay excellently, giving an egg a day. I can rely on picking up eggs and having 4 in the nest every time.

There is a small chance of these being mules. The WH's tend to stick to themselves away from the muscovies, but during the day they do free range together with muscovies.

I have about 2 dozen available, 18.00 per dozen.

May be interested in trades! I need a Brown Leghorn rooster (or hatching eggs). Since I have fox problems, I'm also getting low on Guineas and could use some keets of any color. Also looking for a QUALITY, pedigreed New Zealand Black buck rabbit for breeding/show.

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