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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by cogoose, Oct 26, 2014.

  1. cogoose

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    Oct 26, 2014
    In 2012, I went bonkers for geese. (like I made peopel tired of me at work)

    In 2014, it's the duck that wins me over.

    I ordered 10 wh ducks in the fall of 2013. They are one year old now. I gave away all but 2.

    The two mated and I wound up with 9 babies. I gave away those that I thought were males. At present, I have the parents, a girl and a 'baby' girl. The 'baby' girl was actually kicked out of her nest in the egg. I put her back in; she was kicked out again. So, as it was in the heat of summer, I put her in my trunk for the times I was at work (no incubator). Slept with her as an egg at night. Hatched her one week after the others. I didn't know if she'd make it but after 3 nights of my sleeping with her at night to keep her warm, she was eventually residing in a dog crate with my crested baby for the first 2 weeks. She is smaller but just a beautiful. Her name is Daisy. (for the flower, not the duck).

    At the same time, I obtained a free baby crested duck from craigslist. I named this baby, Flower, and it was pals with Daisy. Now, I see there is no curl in the tail at all. I'm pretty sure she is a she. Her name was changed to Miro during the time I thought he may be a he and named him after my Italian friend. If indeed she is a girl, I will continue to say Miro, because that's what she's used to, but will think "Mira", like "look look" in Spanish.

    My little 'herd' is 5-ducks strong. Four WH and one crested. So cute.
    My bigger 'herd', the geese, is 4-geese strong.

    I am crazy over these babies. I feel bad for humans who don't have ducks or geese.
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    Mar 25, 2014
    Northern Colorado
    Wow! The way you incubated Daisy is quite amazing! Sounds like a lovely flock, indeed.

    Would love to see pictures :)
  3. andreacroyle

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    Apr 19, 2014
    Your egg incubation is awesome! I live in the city and also got struck with the "waterfowl crazy" My friends look at me like I am crazy and my husband ......well he is sick of building things for the birds =) For me, it all started with an injured feral muscovy (they are everywhere here) this past April which turned into 5 muscovies, 3 cayuga x's, 2 pilgrim geese (1 special needs that is imprinted and lives on our house). We decided to move onto chickens 3 weeks ago (3 silkies, 3 obe hens)! One of the silkies we bought is a rooster. He now lives in our living room during quite hours so he can crow all he wants without the very close neighbors getting mad. I have realized that he only crows when he wants something. Chickens are a whole different world. We are currently making a chicken tractor! I love that it keeps us busy, its rewarding, they are so entertaining, each one has a different personality (even the three identical BB Red OBE hens) and it is very educational for my 10 yr old!

    I agree! post pics!
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  4. cogoose

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    Oct 26, 2014
    The only picture I have is one from a lady who came to take pictures at the farm. I will post it instead of my goose picture. (I'm not a techie)

    The pictures are from the 1st week after Daisy was born. Probably when Miro was 10 days old.

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