Welsh harlquine question.


May 17, 2018
I let my welsh harlquine trio hatch some eggs. (The one girl went broody when I was away so I just left her be)

I have 1 that has an orange bill but not a green head like all the other drakes
Is he a drake or?

He is middle here, not the greatest pic but snapped it before I let them out for the day.
Yes he should have a green head if he's a drake. But he should also have a black bill if he was a hen.
I was just wondering if there was any thoughts as to why that duck was different from its parents and siblings.
The two pale ducks in the middle with the orange bills and eye stripes look a bit like Appleyard girls to me, and the fellow standing next to them on their right with a partially green head looks like an Appleyard Drake.

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