Welsumer Roo


10 Years
Mar 29, 2009
I have a two year old Wellie Roo that has started to walk like he belongs in the Gestapo. He has been doing that for about a month.
I also noticed he stopped roosting on the perch, he started sleeping in a laying box.
Now he aslo seems unbalanced. Sometimes he almost falls over.
He is sitting down eating sometimes too, sometimes not.
What ever is wrong with him is getting worse. He doesn't appear to be in any pain or distress.
Otherwise he always been a healthy bird up till now.
Any ideas?
I checked him over really good, nothing appears wrong. He is a very gentle soul and I had a Iowa blue rooster that was nothing short of a insane Terrorist!!!!
He was horrible to any other rooster to the point of his number was up, he had to go away the other day and he came back in plastic bag. It was a shame he was beautiful and friendly to people but a holy terror.
I think he would pick and terrorize the Wellie (among others) when I was at work.
I going to bring the Wellie up to the house and put him in the big cage. Feed him good, give him some vitamins and maybe some antibiotics and let him recover in peace.
Hopefully thats all it was, being bullied by the terrorist Iowa Blue roo.

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