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Jul 17, 2013
1 of my hens has been sitting on eggs for a while. I'm not sure when they're "due" but I've been checking in with her daily. Finally got an egg count today. She's sitting on 19 fertile eggs that all have chicks in them. We have 4 other Welsummer hens & 1 Rhode Island Red Rooster. Should I leave her in the coop or move her & eggs where they're isolated from the flock? We raised them as chicks but this is our 1st lay where the Hen did all the work. Any advice is helpful. We weren't exactly ready for this but figured we'd let nature take it's course & only assist if necessary. Our flock free ranges / free roams our entire property. The coop has 6 boxes that each fit a hen perfectly with a few feet between each set of 3 boxes with the roost in-between. Thanks :)
Hi there! I personally have never had a broody hen hatch or even sit on eggs. But I know a lot about broody hens so I would suggest separating her and the chicks from the rest of the flock. Make sure they can still see each other. (So like put them in a dog create or something similar to that.) Since I know that Rhode Island Reds and Welsummers can be a little aggressive towards other birds, I think it would be best to isolate them. You can let them out once the chicks are about a week old. Make sure the babies and the momma' can return to this create area. Good luck!
Your advice makes sense. We're havin a baby right now :) I haven't moved her yet but I will be very soon. Hopefully she does well with the transition.
One of my other hens has become broody as well so I have 2 boxes with hens in them.
I want one of my girls to go broody, but they are hatchery stock, and I'm sure that trait has been selected right out of them! I wish you lived close to me and I would give you a dozen Ameraucana eggs I would love to have hatch!

Keep us posted, and take some pictures when those chicks come!

There are a lot of experienced chicken keepers that let the mama raise her babies within the flock. She will protect the babies from the other birds, the other hens will help teach the babies flock etiquette, and you won't have to try to integrate them later when the hen won't be as protective. Last year was my first time letting the broody raise her chicks with the flock and it went very well. (I wouldn't move her now anyway if they're already hatching.)
I got her moved without a problem. When I picked her up, I found an egg - opened by the head & the chick doesn't seem responsive. She pecked the rest of the shell away & the chick hasn't moved what so ever. Should I remove it from her nest?

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