Welsummer chicks 4 days to 5 weeks

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    Hi! I had a bad hatch due to incubator issue (eggs transferred to a broody for hatch), but happily I got the Welsummer cockerel I was hoping for. In watching him grow out there were a few times I was doubting he was a roo. At hatch I was certain he was male, because although he had a distinct eyestripe and V, the V became indistinct and faded to ginger, and his stripes were slightly indistinct. His comb was also wide and more pointy than I'd expect for a female. I know the breeder, and his chicks always have bold markings, so these characteristics lead me to believe I had a male and female. Anyhow, at 3 weeks I had some doubts, because his breast feathers weren't coming in black, but soon after a bit of black flecking showed up. Today is 5 weeks, and I took more pictures because the differences are now indisputable.

    I thought I'd share the progression of photos for anyone with tricky wellie chicks. Males that have the eyestripe and V, as well as very little black in their breast can be hard to differentiate!

    Male chick in front, you can see the colours are just slightly less bold than the female at the back. Also, his breast is whitish while the female has a creamy yellow breast:

    Female at 4 days old:

    Male at 4-days old:

    Female at 3 weeks:

    Male at 3 weeks:

    Female at 5 weeks:


    Male at 5 weeks:

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    Thank you! What great comparison shots.
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    Thanks. Very well done. :eek:)
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    Excellent photos! I'm sure many people will find these helpful.
  5. BantamLover21

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    Great comparison photos!

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