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For Sale - - 12+ Welsummer hatching eggs. Welsummers lay a beautiful dark brown, terra cotta colored or speckled brown eggs. I have a 5:1 hen to rooster ratio so fertility is excellent. I have been hatching my own eggs and fertility has been near 100% here.
with all dark egg layers, eggs do lighten towards the end of the laying cycle. I will include at least 1 extra, more if available the day of shipping. My birds are from Channing Grisham/ Lowell Barber lines originally. I will do my best to insure that your eggs arrive safely. As is the case with all shipped eggs there lies a risk of broken eggs or poor hatching due to many factors like rough postal handling, incubation practices and so on. If you should receive more broken eggs than the listing let me know and I will do my best to work something out with you. Average hatch rates on shipped eggs are about 60%. I have had many customers with better than that, some near 100%. I cannot guarantee what you will get. I hope that you get 100% but reality is you will probably not. Shipped eggs are a little risky. With that being said....

I accept PayPal payment only please. Please pay for eggs as soon as possible to ensure the freshest eggs. Delay in payment will only mean a delay in shipping and older eggs. I normally like to ship eggs Monday-Wednesday after payment has been confirmed. This is so that we don't end up with a layover somewhere over the weekend. I can ship express mail if you like, it's more expensive but the postal service does guarantee delivery time with it. I use priority mail normally which they say 2-3 days but they will not guarantee that. (I have ask). If you would like an express mail quote let me know your zip code. PM me if you have questions, additional details or would like to purchase.

 Once you receive your eggs from me, carefully unpack them and place them large side up in a carton for at least 12 hours outside your incubator (this allows the air sacks to stabilize after shipment). Then place them in the incubator. If there is a problem please contact me so we can work it out. I do my best securely packaging my eggs and I am not accountable for any postal misdeeds. I have a lot of experience packaging eggs to be mailed via USPS. I do guarantee that I will send you fresh eggs with a high degree of fertility...I hatch many of my own eggs.

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