Welsummer limping with bubbles on foot

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Jul 26, 2020
I have a welsummer that is limping badly. She started with one bubble on her foot and now it’s several and she hops when she runs and limps when she walks. It looks like there are bubbles on the back bottom of her foot, also.

I have 20 other chickens and none are showing this. They are in a 240sf run with a 60sf coop. The coop bedding is pine shavings, chopped straw with some coffee grounds and DE.

Does anyone know what this is, and what I need to do?

Thank you.


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What does the underside of the foot look like?

I agree with @Farm Up North that it's probably Bumblefoot. Bumblefoot is any infection of the foot, it can be on the top, bottom of the foot and/or toes. Often there's infection on top and not the bottom, especially if the bird has injured it somehow (infection can enter just a small breakdown in tissue).
Anyway...looking at your photo, hard to tell, but there may be a very small prick at the top of one swelling.
I would soak the foot, dry, pat on some chlorhexidine, then explore that a bit with a scalpel and see if there's pus in there. If there is, then press and clean it all out. Pack with triple antibiotic ointment and wrap the foot. Check the foot daily to see how it's healing.

Another thing...just curious, are her spurs that sharp? Do you cut and shape them like that or is it just an illusion from the angle of the camera?
She has a nasty staph infection in that foot and I think along with the soaking, pus extraction and wrapping, you are going to need to get some systemic antibiotics for her.

Fishmox from pet stores or aquarium supplies is suitable.

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