Welsummer Rooster temperment


Feb 8, 2016
Robbinsville, NC
Since I am now sure the two Welsummer hens are indeed roosters I am trying to rehome them. I do not know much about the temperament for these two guys. I do know that I picked them up at 6 weeks old and that they have not been handled much. They are not yet outside full time so I reach in to the cage they are in and pick them up and take them outside. They do not try to peck or anything. They are afraid, but to not show aggression. I do know that at 11 weeks old they are still immature. Is this breed normally mean or aggressive towards humans and/or hens? I have someone that may be interested in one of the guys but are afraid to cause a big change in their coop. Any input will be welcomed?
There is a Welsummer thread. I'm sure someone there can answer. I have some Welsummer chicks too but mine are even younger so this is the best I can offer right now.
You are welcome. The thread I have in mind is simply called "The Welsummer Thread!!!" If you use the search box towards the top of the page you can find it easily enough.

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