Welsummer sexing by breast feather color


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Jan 6, 2009
Taylor, Texas
Hi yall, Y have recently purchased 9 chicks from a local breeder. I have read several posts about sexing the chicks by the eyeliner and later the by the breast feathers. I am guessing that the chicks vary in age between 3 and 4 weeks now. I have had them for about ten days.

about half have starting showing breast color now. Two have very uniform brown feathers. two others have quite a bit of black stating to show through the down. These all have "eye liner" that supports the sex assumptions, brown feathers for girls and black for boys.

An example of the brown feathers is uploaded at:

There is one chick that has a mixture of brown with black. He/she has the difuse eye liner that is supposed to indicate a boy. I am pointing at the black area in the pic I uploaded at:

I would appreciate any education that you might be able to provide.

Thanks, Russ, Taylor Texas

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