Went to TSC and came home with 4 Mallard ducklings....questions


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Aug 30, 2010
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I was able to pass on the chicks as my 12 pullets just started laying, but couldn't resist the ducklings.

I have a few questions as this was a spur-of-the-moment purchase:

1) Can I house them with the chickens when they get bigger? We have a 7 acre farm and they will have plenty of room. The coop is about 24 l x 12 w x 10 h.

2) Are Mallards friendly? Our chickens are extremely friendly with my 3 yr old son.

3) I read about the poop and wetness....raising two children, this should be no problem...lol

4) I will have netting over the run, do I need to clip their wings?

5) I have 4, straight run, will I be able to keep them all, or will the males fight? (assuming I end up with 1+)

6) I have noticed them in the waterer already (I'm using the chick waterer) They are only 3-4 days old, do I need to give them a pan of water to splash in? Will they drown?

7) Any other words of wisdom?

Thanks for all your help! I wouldn't be brave enough to do this without the help of the BYC community

*edited to add in the water question*
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You can house them with chickens, they will be fairly friendly if handled a lot when young, if you're using netting over the run you don't need to clip wings. I've kept 2 hens and 2 drakes before and it was fine. If you end up with 3 drakes, 2 will have to go.


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Feb 7, 2010
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1. Thats a good size coop as long as its just for the night and there not getting hit by droppings from the chickens on roost
2.depeneds on how you raise them, they will be friendly to some extent coming up to you once in a while like chickens for food.
4.if it is netted i wouldn't see why you would clip their wings
5. if you have all males by chance keep 'em // 3 males 1 female byby 2 males // 2 males 2 females it might work // 1 male 3 females perfect

6. i don't know how deep it is, but as long as its shallow enough and they can get in and out of it they will probably be fine, bathing at this age just further improves feather quality later in life.
7. while i'm thinking about it, since you got them from TSC and avoid feeding questions later-> http://poultry.purinamills.com/OURPRODUCTS/FeedingChart/default.aspx

, and have fun with the new ones!!!!
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Attack Chicken

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they didn't hae mallards at my TSC they had some that looked like mallards but they were a bluish color? Not sure... Then they had black/blue swedish and pekins but thats all I could tell from them.



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1. Never had chickens but i house two of my ducks with guineas
2. I think it truly depends on how much time you spend with them. One of mine is sweet but the others not so much.
3. You get used to the poop after awhile
4. I think you would be safe with not clipping wings
5. I got four and ended up with 3 drakes
but they all got along. I separated them just to prevent over breeding.
6. If there getting in there water you can try putting marbles in there to prevent the swimming. As for the pan i would only let them swim when they can be supervised.
7. Have fun
Ducks are a blast.

rancher hicks

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This is the second posting of someone going to TSC and leaving with chicks or ducks or what ever and it has to stop, I tell you!

There has to be some mental help for people like the ones on this forum! (myself included) Oh sure I passed on the chiiicks but I bought ducks so that's ok. NOT!

That's like saying I passed on the jelly donuts but I bought the glazed. It's the same addiction just different stuff.

I think this forum should have a mental health worker on here to assist those of us who may want/need help kicking this addiction.

Lord knows I have tried. I called my Doctor and I swear I heard him say, "take two chicks and call me in the morning". Really , he was no help at all.

So please. IF you go to TSC do not go alone, go with your sponsor. Who will ask you the pertinent questions. "ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND"?!!!! or "WHAT THE H*&^ ARE YOU THINKING?!!!!!!

Now if you'll excuse me I need to go to Tim Hortons and buy a dozen chicks, I mean donuts. (tim's is right next to TSC).
Seriously I can hatch my own donuts and make the kind I want. I meant cook not hatch, really I did!

Hope all goes well for the OP and stay away from TSC everyone until the donut season is over.


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