West Central Indiana-FREE Bantam Roosters


Crazy for Cochins
10 Years
Apr 24, 2009
Tab, Indiana
PICK UP ONLY!!! Ok, having said that, I am thinning the number of roos that I have and I am offering these beautiful boys free. At the moment I have 2 Bantam Buff Orpington roosters, still young as they were hatched June 3rd, and a Bantam Dark Brahma rooster, same hatch date. The Dark Brahma has an issue with his tail. I believe he has a slow feather gene, but I also think that I have too many roosters and he is low man on the totem pole, and therefore he gets picked on a lot. He is gentle, quiet, and doesn't mess with the hens yet. Probably because he is the low man. The BO roosters are good boys too, healthy, feisty, and I have 3 roosters and only one BO hen, so two boys have to go. If you are interested in one or all of them, please PM me. You can come pick them up any day of the week. The main picture is of the Dark Brahma roo. His name is Cookie. (He was named by my younger daughter, lol. She thought he looked like an oreo cookie when he was a baby) Here are a few extra pics. More pictures available upon request.

Here is one of the BO roos in my daughter's arms:


Here is a close up of a curious BO roo:



I don't have nearly as many of the Brahma as I do of the BO's because he doesn't sit still as long as they do, lol, but I can take more pics if someone is interested in him. Please PM me if you are interested in one or all of them. They are good birds, handsome, and good natured.

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