West Virginia anyone?

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  1. KarenFoster

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    I haven't been able to post pictures yet. I did get some pictures into my file folder but don't know how to get them onto a reply. Can anyone tell me if it is easy? If it's easy I think I could learn how!
  2. KarenFoster

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    Tried again , not sure how I did it! maybe I can try to upload a picture of my chicks-here goes
  3. KarenFoster

    KarenFoster Out Of The Brooder

    One of these little fuzz balls turned into a little roo. Got him out of the pullet bin at TSC. Thought red sex link males where supposed to be yellow! He turned yellow fairly soon after these pictures , hopefully I only got 1 HE!
  4. MollySanWV

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    Dec 12, 2012
    West Virginia

    My Husband actually works in pax but we live about an hour north between summersville and oak hill in hico which is waaaay out in the middle of nowhere. ......but I love it :)
  5. KarenFoster

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    Yes, Very beautiful! Quite a bit more rugged compared to Roane County . The encyclopedia calls where we are the Appalachian plateau . Plenty rough for me though and lots of wildlife. The people in the back of us filmed a bear underneath their deer feeder. The next picture shower no feeder at all and they where never able to find it, apparently the bear took it when he left.
  6. malyndaj

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    May 5, 2013
    I got some black australorps at TSC and I think I have a roo as well! I am hoping he is the only one too! Trying to figure out what to do with him!
  7. KarenFoster

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    I think they make the hens happy if there are not to many of them. I don't mind the crow if there aren't too many or too close to the house. Do you live in an area where it would bother the neighbors? The neighbors across the road from us already had a rooster ,so I don't think it will bother them and our other neighbors live far enough away to not bother them. Maybe you'll get a nice rooster. Mine started to go after my hands ,so I started holding him and telling him he was a pretty bird. Now he is a sweetheart -glad that worked as I was beginning to think he might be a stewer for the pot. lol
  8. flea

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    Monroe County here, well Greenbrier County now (Organ Cave).
  9. maran man

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    Jun 24, 2012
    hey there what all do u keep i'm in summers county
  10. flea

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    Chickens, ducks, Guineas, bantams & rabbits.
    I'm working on getting bees & Turkeys.

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