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    I have read on here that you shouldn't use cedar chips in the coop because they give off fumes that are bad for chickens.

    What about western Red Cedar wood for construction of the coop???

    Lowes has several Western Red Cedar sheds that I think would work for a coop. Lowes claims: "Western Red Cedar Is Non Toxic Making It Safe For All Uses". Is this true for chickens??

    It sure would make my life easier for building the coop, but I don't want my chickies to get sick or die!!

    Thanks for your input!!

  2. The oils in cedar make it toxic to chickens. I would not use cedar any where near my chickens. You are much better off building out of treated wood for the bottom and non treated for the rest.
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    Jun 1, 2009
    Quote:Thanks for the advice
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    Dec 5, 2008
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    Thanks for your input!!

    Has anyone used a cedar shed?

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    You can use cedar planks and building materials without issue as long as when you smell the air, it does not smell strongly. Wood chips have a high surface to volume ratio, and are often "fresh", as to give off high levels of phenols (the thing that irritates airways). If your cedar shed doesn't smell strongly like cedar, or is well ventilated enough that you can't smell the wood, it would be fine. However, if you can smell it, keep the cedar to things like beams, posts, or fencing.
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    Dec 5, 2008
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    Thanks SilkieChicken!!
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    If that is lowe's cedar shed that is 4'x1'deep that is really not big enough imo. I would get one in another material that is larger
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    I was looking at both the 4' by 8' and the 6' by 6'. I have eight chickens.

    My concern is whether or not the cedar wood would be a problem for the chickens.

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    I know I'm very late to the game on this post, but I thought I'd put my 2 cents out there in case anyone references this post in the future.

    Cedar should be avoided for chicks, but once they're adult birds, the cedar does not affect their respiratory systems quite as severely. I know several chicken keepers in my area that use cedar chips in the coop with absolutely NO problem. I also used cedar mulch around my run, and the girls were fine. They even pecked at it to get the crickets that live below. As long as the aroma is under control and not overwhelming, you should be OK.

    For chicks in a brooder, use pine instead [​IMG]
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    Only aromatic cedar is an issue with small animals.
    Construction cedar does not have enough cedar oil to cause a respiratory issue.
    There are many different types of cedar. Most will not cause an issue.
    Give it a sniff. If it does not have that strong cedar small it is fine.

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