Wet chickens!

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    It's been REALLY raining for four days and my chickens look so pitiful! After the first day, I took the scales out to the coop because they looked so skinny!!! [​IMG] But my girls weigh well in the limit of what each breed states and my roo--who I thought was really skinny--- is a little on the plump side!!!! \\

    I hate the new time change and that Winter is well on her way!!! But the chickens don't seem to mind... Seven eggs from seven brown egg layers---the colored egg layers STILL haven't started.. My dh asked "how long are you going to wait for those lazy things to lay?"===Well, how do you answer that question???? ===== I said " well, we have ten dogs that only provide love and a bark every now and then----we've had some of them for 14yrs......So, I would say they still have time to start laying, don't you???" he just smiled!!!

    So, how are your chickens dealing with the season and time changes??

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    My SLW is fine with it, still lays (slightly less regularly than normal though). My GB has mostly stopped laying or is laying soft shells despite calcium supplements. Poor girl. Everything else is fine, no indications of it being a symptom of a larger problem. She used to lay a jumbo sized egg every day. I hope she comes around soon.
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    Quote:I so love your perspective, Dixiedoodle! You go! [​IMG]
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    My chickens keep getting better as time moves forward.

    Here are the weekly totals of eggs for the past few weeks... needless to say I was disappointed a month ago.

    31, 33, 42, 47, 60... and in the past three days, 11 each day!

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