Wet Chickens!


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9 Years
Mar 3, 2010
Delavan, WI
Hi! My chickens are about 12 weeks old and are turning into such brats! Since they have been in their outside coop/run they have become very independent!! Today it started raining and I was at the grocery store, I came home to find half in the coop and the other half prancing around soaked in the rain. They seemed to be enjoying it, but I tried to put them inside anyway. It was a lost cause, so I finally gave up! I only got wet and muddy.......I know the ducks love to be in the rain, but is it ok with the chickens? My run is not covered yet:(
I guess some like it and some dont lol...mine don't like to get wet at all and they run when I have the hose out

as long as the temp isn't too cool, they are fine

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