wet eggs?

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    Feb 16, 2008
    We've had a lot of rain lately and our 2 broody birds are out in a broody coop- which we've made as air tight as we can. When it rains we pull plastic down in front of them and it keeps the water out. Last night it wasn't supposed to rain, but I pulled it down just in case....and we had a huge storm this morning for about 3 hours. Since it wasn't supposed to rain I hadn't secured it as good as I could have and water came in on the bottom (huge, flooding storm) Sun came out just now and I went to check on them. Their nests were wet....I replaced one with a cardboard box with plastic bags underneath and one in a plastic tub....the nest bedding was wet from the bottom up. When I moved them....the bedding underneath the hen was soaked- so were the eggs. Are they going to be okay? I dried them gently, moved the hens and they are both back on the nests. One is on day 13, the other on day 8.

    I think I read about another chick recently that hatched out a few after a flooded nest....so I have hope right?

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    You moved them fairly quickly they should be fine. I've hatched soaked and muddy eggs before. Short periods aren't very harmful. Should be fine once momma gets em dried out and warm again.

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