Wet eggs?


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9 Years
Apr 12, 2010
I have a hova-bator and I have not overfilled the channel were the water goes in. The eggs are resting on the screen above the channels and I have a couple of occasions that there has been a small puddle on the eggs when I turn them. Is this normal? Is this a bad sign? Is it too much humidity? Thanks for your replies.
If the eggs are wet I would say the humidity is too high. Are you using a hydrometer to check the humidity?
I had this happen as well when I used the hovabator, I put as few eggs as possible over the water channel and filled the water channel only half and then done so more often. BTW mine hatched just fine even though they had the water on them as well. Check your humidity though,
I have not used a hyrgrometer meter, it is on the pick up list. I'll try moving them away from the water well.

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