Wet eyes in two day old chick


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Apr 1, 2013
Hello all,

I have a story/question to tell/ask. One of my chicks had crusty eyes on day two (last Saturday) after bringing him home. He is one of the smaller chicks in this batch of 13.

They were crusted shut and he wasn't very active. I set up a sick box and moved him (and another chick with a red spot on her beak that was getting pecked constantly) to it. I used warm compresses on its eyes and removed the gunk. I applied neosporin to Krusty's eyes. (Felt we had to name him Krusty) I also gave electrolytes and probiotics to all the birds.

The next day there was no sign of mucus, his eyes were wide open and he was moving around eating and drinking well, although his fluff/feathers looked pretty rough. ^^

I continued with the same treatment for the next 3 days. His eyes look fine but they are always producing tears. The last two pics are from this morning. His back feathers are wet from where he wipes his eyes. I've put him back in with the others along with Poke-a-dot. (I know, we have a twisted sense of humor) and everyone is doing just fine.

Has anyone else experienced the weeping eye thing in a day old chick? Is there anything else I can do. He acts just fine, but can look ragged as heck after wiping his eyes.

If the chick is well otherwise, it probably has some sort of irritation or inflammation of the eyes. You've been doing the right thing, and I would keep on with it until the condition clears up.

A couple of other things can cause weeping eyes. It could have a cold virus, but it would have a discharge from the beak holes, too. I have a hen that has a benign tumor over one eye that puts pressure on the eye, resulting in weepage. Perhaps your chick is developing something along those lines. If so, there's not much that can be done.

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