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    I'm on the mosquito ridden coast. I tried to find this info online first I promise. I had wet pox in July and lost 2 out of 3 chickens that got it.

    I have some chickens who have pox on their combs but are acting fine. Then I have 2 chickens that have the pox but also respiratory problems. I separated the 2 respiratory ones and am giving them vitamins, garlic, kefir, etc.

    My question is: Do some get the pox and that's it? Or, will the ones with pox get the respiratory problem too? Where can I buy the vaccine?
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    Don’t quote me, but I think if they survive it,(with all your supportive care) that’s it. They’re immune for the rest of their lives.
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    It would be helpful if we know your location (state/country)
    If you have photos you would like to share, that would be good.

    If you have Wet Form Fowl Pox (fowl diphtheria) it can be deadly since lesions can form on the mucous membranes inside the beak, throat, trachea, etc. If in the trachea it can make it difficult to breath. If the lesions are inside the beak/in the throat birds have difficulty eating/drinking. Since Fowl Pox is caused by a virus it generally has to run it's course, but antibiotics may be needed to help control secondary infections, when dealing with Wet Form.

    There is no way to know if the Dry Form will develop into Wet Form. Keeping your water stations cleaned and sanitized may help reduce the spread. Don't pick off scabs.

    If any develop Wet Form, since you lost some earlier this year, it would be best to seek vet care.

    Once birds recover they should be resistant.
    Only healthy birds should be vaccinated.
    You can order Fowl Pox vaccine at places like Jeffer Pet - https://www.jefferspet.com/products/fowl-pox-vaccine-1000-d
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