Wet Run. What kind of flooring can I use.


Jul 19, 2016
My coop is dry and my run is 1/2 roofed and I tarped the other half now, but apparently where we built the ground stays wet after rain and we have had a lot. the chickens have free range of about 1/4 acre and are out of the run but I just hate the damp sometimes muddy run.
I read this "Coarse Shellgrit - Ideal for the more exposed coop that may get wet inside. Deep level will ensure that water is not in direct contact with the feet. No or low dust levels. Needs to be raked in the winter months to keep from smelling." I can not find where to buy this in bulk enough for a run not a coop.


Apr 6, 2016
In a valley between the mountains
We have had nothing but rain on top of rain. I started my run with grass which of course was gone in about two weeks. Hubby put the coop in a low spot. :( Didn't know better and now it cannot be moved. Any other summer, water would have still drained well from this area because it is not at the very lowest point. Last summer I don't even remember mud even being there at all. Only damp a few times. The water table is now so high that even to try to dig a post hole one hits water in mere inches. Not just me, my neighbors also. Said all of that to show just how bad my problem is. A few weeks ago, I was ready to throw in the towel and sell chickens. Seriously....I was SO SICK of tramping through mud and I knew it wasn't good for them. We are still working on diverting some of the water but getting the shingled covered run did a lot of good. Then going to deep litter in the run did even more good. I put pine shavings and stall bedding out first, about a couple inches. The stall bedding absorbed a lot of water and then it breaks down. It didn't rain for about two days and I had a dry run. Then the rain returned .....torrential downpours! I have since added grass clippings and straw and more pine shavings.....it stays dry enough that I can stand for myself and the chickens to walk on it. I was a bit surprised to find that the chickens actually love to scratch in all of that. So for me with my unusually wet summer this is the only thing helping me keep my sanity. The video aart posted helped me a lot. Hope this helps! :)

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