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    Apr 22, 2010
    this morning i used had a can of sevin-5 to shake my chickens to kill off the lice and mites, i used the other half in the run, with a concentration in thier favorite dust bath spots. Of course an hour later it started to rain, so now my chickens are wet(they like the rain) and everything i spread in the run has soaked in, does that make this treatment bust, or will everything still work right so long as i do it again in 10 days, and what happens to what is obsorbed into the soil???
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    Well, the do make a liquid spray form of Sevin and I used the spray in the crevices in the coop and nesting box and dusted the girls with the can. I think as long as the dust had made contact with their skin and they aren't seimming to rinse themselves off, you should be fine. Definitely redust in 10 days.
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    When you redust them in 10 days, you can always reinspect them again in about a week and retreat again if needed.
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    It should be fine as long as the chickens didnt get soaked enough to "rinse" it out.
    We used sevin dust for lice a year ago during the winter months because of its harm to insects that
    come in contact with it.
    Be careful where you dusted it and where the run off is going, its not healthy for any organism.
    We use diatomaceous earth as a substitute for a few months with great success.
    Just dust it in the coop every month or so and it really helps to keep pest infestation down.
    Good luck!

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