Wet Wattles

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    Oct 26, 2007
    In the past, I've noticed that some of my hens who had severe sour crop also had wet wattles.
    I have an easter-egger who had a stretched-out crop in the past (a year or 2 ago). We fixed the problem, but her crop might always be a bit stretched out.
    Lately, I've noticed that her crop looked larger. I've been messaging it and am careful to not give much extra black oil sunflower seed. But I've noticed that her wattles always look wet. I started wondering if she's bringing up fluid. Have any of you noticed wet wattles when a chicken has a problem with their crop? Her crop is soft and she's doing fine otherwise. But I'm finding the wet wattles a bit strange. Maybe she's just a sloppy drinker? [​IMG]

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