What’s the oldest egg you’ve eaten from your flock?


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Sep 16, 2019
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I collect my eggs daily and write the date on them with a pencil and put them in a brown paper bag and stuff em in the back of the refrigerator. My house is far too warm year round to keep eggs on the counter.

My chickens stopped laying early this year and haven’t picked back up.

My family doesn’t eat eggs often, we go through phases of eating 6 eggs per day for a week to 0 for two weeks.

I have some eggs from August that I have been eating with no problems. Nothing beats a fresh egg straight out of a chicken’s butt, but to avoid buying store eggs I’ll sacrifice quality.

I float tested a few eggs today. They all floated. I cracked them individually and they were good. No weird smell. If you zoom in the picture the yolk does look wrinkly and the egg white was a bit runny. But cooked they were decent and edible.

I wouldn’t eat 4 month old eggs in the middle of summer if I have fresh eggs on hand. But in the middle of winter with no one laying, I think it’s doable.

I’m sure the nutrients aren’t as good as fresh eggs, but I have no way of measuring that.

I have come across some that when I crack em open I’m like: yeah I rather not. And to the dog they go. But overall, I’ll eat em and so do my picky 4 year olds.

What I will do differently for next winter is: only store naturally clean eggs. Which I tried to do that the best I could, but I’ll be extra picky on which to store this coming year.



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I might have eaten 4 month old store-bought eggs in the past. . .

How did that go?! I personally never knew there was a best by date on eggs (back when I used to buy em that is). A dozen would last me a long time, but I never kept track, but definitely not 4 months 😂
I tried 3 eggs dated 7/2, 7/10, and 7/12

The yolks were still in tact, there was no off smell or look. Did have wrinkly yolks.

There was a fourth egg dated 7/2 that I thought looked ugly, so I gave it to the dog. Shoulda taken a pic, but forgot.

I scrambled them and they were okay. As I said before, the quality does start to go down when compared to fresh eggs.

It's still decent enough for when you're starving with no food in sight, but I wouldn't eat eggs this old if I have fresh eggs or other food to keep me going.

I'm experimenting in case there ever is a food shortage, although I'm hoping that will never be the case.
I'm just finishing off a dozen eggs from the first week of Dec 2021 (today is Mar 18,2022). The yolks look a little wrinkly, but the whites are fine. I made mayonnnaise with 3 of them and put the last two in a cake. I don't know if I would poach them for breakfast, but I sure don't mind putting them in things. I do break them into separate dishes before I use them, to make sure they don't look or smell weird, but a couple of yolk wrinkles? No problemo.
What do people think a float test will prove other than the egg has an air cell? They gain that in two weeks on the counter and you can eat a month old egg stored on the counter.

Crack eggs into ice cube trays and freeze for long winters with no eggs. Once frozen they can be stored in freezer in zip lock bags.

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