What’s wrong with my hen? Help please!!


Jun 15, 2018
Opp, Alabama
One of my Isa Brown hens has been acting really strange for a couple of days now. She stands around with her feathers fluffed up & I’ve not seen her eat anything when I go to feed them. When I walk up to her & reach down to pick her up, it’s like she wakes up & will run off acting fine for a minute or two then she’s back to standing around fluffed up again. The first day or so, I thought she just might be sleeping, but I really don’t think so since it’s gone on this long. She’s not sounding like she has any breathing problems & I can’t see anything that might cause this. Help!!!


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Apr 3, 2011
southern Ohio
She looks sick. How old is she, and has she been laying eggs recently? Can you feel her crop and tell us if it is empty, full, firm, or puffy? When you feel of her lower belly, it is enlarged? Will she eat some chopped egg or tuna? I would mix some electrolytes and vitamins into her water, and get her drinking. What does her poop look like? I would be concerned that she might have worms or coccidiosis.

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