What’s wrong with my hen?


May 30, 2018
I found her acting lethargic. She had slightly yellowish discharge coming from her vent. Her stomach feathers were like hard and clumped together like maybe the stuff dripping from her vent leaked onto it and dried. I cleaned it up and put her in the house to monitor what’s wrong. I used my finger to check if she’s egg bound but I didn’t feel an egg. I’m at work though and won’t know more until I get home.
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She’s about a year and 3 months. Yesterday I noticed there were 2 less eggs than usual so I’m guessing she probably didn’t lay yesterday. The day before I think everyone laid. I can take pictures when I get home. She’s drinking water but not interested in eating. I gave her some scrambled eggs this morning and she wasn’t interested. Which is very unlike her.

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