What a day it was!


9 Years
Nov 1, 2010
Yesterday turned out to be quite a good day. While I was on my way home, my boss called to tell me I am the quarterly safety award winner (no accidents) and I get to choose a prize. Either an Ipod nano, a Garmin etrex venture hc gps, a Garmin nuvi 1300 gps, or an hd video recorder. Not sure what I'll pick yet (any suggestions?), but I'm very excited, I never win anything! So since I'm feeling lucky, I stop to buy a Powerball ticket. Didn't win the big bucks, but I did win $7! When I got home, I discovered that my turkey poult (2 weeks old) that had escaped from the brooder inside the chicken house on Monday and had been living outside for 2 days in the brush, had somehow managed to get back inside the chicken coop AND into the brooder again. A huge relief! I though for sure we were going to have a wild turkey living in our fencerow. I'm hoping my good luck continues!
I just found a "heads up" penny in a parking lot. Normally I find them tails up (which I still pick up because I'm not going to pass up free money!) The lucky streak continues

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