What a day its been!


12 Years
Aug 20, 2007
So all this crazy BYC April Fools Day stuff aside, my day has been...eventful to say the least.

I was up all last night until 12:30 this afternoon, having fun with the BYC hilarity and catching up on laundry and just hanging out with the dogs.

Then Schnitzel (the miniDoxie) started pukin' and poopin' everywhere. On literally every comforter in the house (which had just been washed) in the floor and on the bed. 2 days ago he ate a dryer sheet and after he threw it up and began eating and drinking again we assumed he was fine, well I don't know what happened but his tummy got upset again and he took it out on everything in the house. He will be going to the vet tomorrow (well this morning since its already Wednesday).

Then a bit later AC unit in the living room went out, we got a hold of the land lord and he gave us one of the units in his storage room... well it happened to be our OLD one we had in the house a 4 yrs ago...the compressor was still broken so we took that one back down the stairs (after carrying it up-and the old one down) and went over to the land lords place again and he gave us the money to get a new one since the bf could use his discount.

We got the new one set up and all was great! Woohoo!!!

I took a 4 hr nap.

Lucas and I had plans to go to the cheapo movies to see National Treasure 2 but since he works 3rd it was impossible to get him up to go sooooo I decide to hook up my pet jet and give all 6 dogs baths. Well I FINALLY ge the shower head off to realize that it doesn't fit....thats fine, I will just hook it up to the sink. Well I remember "Oh yeah it stopped running water abotu a year ago!" (Yeah we just turn on the shower to wash our hands
) Well thats okay, I can fix it. so at 630 this begins. After a trip to Walmart to pick up a new faucet set I realize that we do not have a "standard" bathroom faucet (standard is a 4") we have an 8" faucet set. SO I got to Lowes and see that the ones I need start at $118. I about died! So I said forget that and went back to Walmart and got a kitchen sink set (8" is the standar kitchen sink) and paid $12.

I get home and get under the sink with all the tools and notice the 250mm wrench is too small for the sink parts. So back to WM I go to get a bigger one. I come home and start again. Well the handle is too long to actually turn anything under the sink so I start unscrewing the handles from the top (which I don't think you are supposed to to but I had no choice) and after I get them off I realize why the water stopped flowing....about 50 years of corrosion and build up. It was scarey and nasty. BUT I had the room to work up here and I began! Was short lived though as the 'nuts' were lead and squished and chipped when I tried to turn them. FINALLY the bf woke up after I started beating the sinks metal bits.

It was now 930 and still it wasn't installed. He started working on it and we resolved that I was going to have to go get a hacksaw bc they weren't letting go any other way. He gave it another try and the 'nut' broke so the beating commenced. And about 45 mins later it was disassembled!
5 mins later the new one was installed.

And the Pet Jet is ready for bidness tomorrow, which is really today.

After eating I put Bettie's collar and leash on her and worked with her getting used to chickens running around the living room. She is used to them in the cage in here, just not "free ranging" the carpet. Stunnah was a good sport and gave Bettie some good training so we will keep up with it.
And I STILL haven't dyed my hair!
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My goodness, Girl! I'm baking a pound cake and thought I was tired. Your adrenaline must be maxed out! When do you sleep? Oh, that's right; a NAP! I may stay up late most nights, but I only tackle as much as you did the past 24 hours around holidays and once weekly. Glad to know I'm not the only chicken owner who has so many irons in the fire! I'm worn out by your day!
Wow. When it rains it pours!
Hooligan you got a lot done!!

I had to work yesterday at 4 am, but got up early to play here a while. Then I forgot my laptop!! (We have WiFi in the breakroom) I couldn't check in at lunch. Then I "had" to go to the fabric store and feed store when I got off work. I tried calling Rob on the way home, but he was busy and couldn't talk. I get home and took care of the animals first and by the time I finally got here, it was after 3.

I am working on stuff for a craft fair in one month and Miss Prissy's quilt block swap. Monday I managed to get 10 blocks completed. Yesterday I think I got two done!

Today I *must* get some sewing done. Or maybe I will bring my laptop to the sewing room and surf and sew.
I hope that its not going to be 'one of those months' where everything that can go wrong does. I don't need another one of those this year!

Well we are off to the vet so I will let you know how much blood they got out of the turnip!

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