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    Do any of you have more questions then answers about keeping roosters? I do, but find myself searching and searching, and occasionally finding an answer "somewhere". Right now I'd like to know what are the more gentle breeds, and the quiter.
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    It is more individual bird than breed.
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    Modern game Bantams are generally ultra friendly and don't mind being handled, even as adult roosters. Their crows aren't really loud either.
  4. I've had somewhere around 15 different roos and they all have been friendly and gentle except three, my one Wyandotte is the meanest roo I've had, I have scars from him. The 1 Buff orp is super calm and gentle but shy, all 3 of my silkie roos are teddy bears, of the 10 black australorp/bantam crosses I've had, 3 were just like dogs and and my sister's kids adored holding and playing with them, 2 of them were mean and would attack, and the rest were just fine. Can't peg personalities on breed though [​IMG] Part of it is the time I spent with them when they were raised, I didn't have as much time with the Wyandotte and Buff, so that could be why one is evil and one is shy [​IMG]
    <Take this guy right here (Zaxby), he got the occasional invitation to come in and sit on a chair and hang for a while! He was just such a character, loved people, would even fly up to anyone around's shoulder. I prefer roos to hens as far a just being pets any day.
    I can't say ANY of them are particularly quiet, the bigger breeds have a lower pitch going for them though [​IMG]
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